Chapter 5 of the ATA Japanese Patent Translation HandbookOriginal and recently revised versions

A greatly revised version of Chapter 5 has been provided, along with a scanned PDF file of the now quite-obsolete original version

Almost 24 years have passed since the ATAs Japanese Patent Translation Handbook was published. It has been out-of-print for a long time, the ATA has not reprinted it, and does not seem to have the intention to reprint it. Of course, there have been changes in the interim that would render significant parts of the entire work, and certainly Chapter 5, quite stale. Thus, I have come up with a revised version, reflecting:

  • total obviating of physically stored patent documents by the USPTO and JPO databases becoming available;
  • changes in statutes and in the Manual of Patent Examining Procedure;
  • the disappearance of some online sources for patents and appearance of others;
  • corrections of some mechanical problems that existed with the ATA printed version;
  • some changes in the author's view on the usefulness of dictionaries, particularly dictionaries of those somewhat-troubling two-kanji compounds; and
  • some things I have personally learned over the last 24 years.