InterpretingDecades-long track record interpreting in legal and other matters

Depositions in Japan During the Pandemic
The US Embassy in Tokyo and US Consulate in Osaka recently started permitting video depositions from their deposition rooms.

  • Are you going to be preparing Japanese witnesses for depositions? If so, you need a top-flight interpreter with both deposition experience and subject-matter knowledge.
  • Are you going to be meeting with a business partner in Japan, either face-to-face or online? If so, you need an interpreter with subject-matter knowledge and a proven track record in such assignments.

Being based in Japan and having subject-matter knowledge and expertise in numerous areas, we can provide high-quality interpreting for legal and business matters.

Depth & Breadth of Experience and Expertise Assures High Quality

Since Kirameki's has traditionally focused on legal matters involving Japanese entities, has extensive deposition experience, has has a commitment to being a team member for the duration of an assignment. We welcome the opportunity to provide whatever language services and related assistance you might need during the course of discovery, both in the deposition room and outside.

We can also provide the interpreting you need for other matters, such as business meetings and negotiations.

Some Advantages We Provide by Being Based in Japan

Being based in Japan, we provide a number of advantages.

  • No costly airfares. We can reach any venue in Japan easily and quickly.
  • No interpreter deposition visa is required.
  • In the same time zone and physically close to Japanese entities. This is a particular advantage when you are dealing at a distance—both geographically and time-zone—from your Japanese clients.

The Value of Specialization

Deposition Interpreting

There are only a handful of interpreters with significant deposition experience. For most interpreters here in Japan, deposition interpreting would represent no more than a challenging (and often stressful) break between other types of assignments.

For Kirameki, however, deposition and other legal interpreting has been not a sideline, but rather the focus of our interpreting activities and an ongoing commitment. Almost all of our extensive interpreting experience has been in the deposition room or prepping witnesses for depositions, and, backed by decades of experience with the deposition process, we can provide interpreting services in witness preparation and also act as the check interpreter in depositions.

Other Types of Interpreting

We also have a track record in non-deposition interpreting and related matters as well, just a few examples being:

  • arbitration matters in Japan, India, Switzerland, Hawaii, and the Continental US for Japanese entities;
  • licensing negotiations;
  • giving testimony as an expert witness on translation matters for litigation;
  • meetings between a US inventor and a JPO patent examiner
  • white collar criminal investigations (interrogations) of a foreign executive in a Japanese automotive firm at the behest of the Special Investigation Squad of the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office.

Experience Counts: Our Track Record

We have provided not only interpreting for legal matters in Japan and elsewhere for more than 35 years, but also interpreting in a wide variety of matters broad spectrum of clients.

Where Can We Provide Interpreting Services?

The short answer to this question is anywhere. Most of the parties to litigation we are involved in interpreting for wish to hold depositions in Tokyo. The difficulty of reserving the single deposition room in US Embassy in Tokyo, however, has meant that many of our assignments have been in the US Consulate in Osaka. Travel is no problem. Failing to secure a room in either Tokyo or Osaka, clients have had us travel to places such as Korea, Guam, Hong Kong, Hawaii, and Continental US for litigation and other interpreting assignments.

If you are going to need interpreting services, be sure to contact us as early as possible in the planning process, regardless of the nature of the interpreting services you require. It is often very difficult to schedule time with less than 3 to 4 weeks prior notice. Please note that our clients are manufacturers and law firms; we do not interpret via agencies of any kind.

To learn more about who we are, you might wish to check the profile of our CEO. If you anticipate a need for interpreting, contact us with the details as early as possible.