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In translation, where many of the players claim to do everything in every imaginable language, we are proud to say that we do only a few things, but do them very well. Our management team prides itself on quality and making our experience pay off for our clients.

Our focus on the Japanese language enables us to provide a level of quality rarely achieved by translation companies purporting to translate from any language into any language.

And our industry/research experience ensures that when we take on an assignment we will be able to bring to the task a level of understanding of the content not normally possible by language-service providers operated by non-translators or which use translators who have majored in liberal arts but are facing complex technical subject matter.

We have provided IP-related and other technical translation to clients since 1978, and our commitment to this specialization remains firm.

Basic Information

Tokyo Office:Suite 609, 5-8-12 Himonya
Meguro-ku, Tokyo 152-0003
Telephone:045-542-7909 (from within Japan)
81-45-542-7909 (from overseas)
E-mail:See our inquiry page
Business activities
  • Legal/IP translation
  • Technical/industrial translation
  • Litigation-related interpreting
  • Japanese & overseas law firms
  • Japanese & overseas manufacturers
  • Governmental agencies


Our founder, William Lise, comes from an engineering background and has a wide range of experience, managing a US company in Japan for a few years and then in providing translation and interpreting services for a wide spectrum of clients in various industries. Read More

Company History

(May 1)
Increased emphasis on translation, focusing on patent translation for filing.
(Oct. 14)
Company name changed to Kirameki Translations, Inc.
(Jan. 21)
Company reorganized as stock company, and company name changed to Lise & Partners, Inc.
1988 to presentTranslation work comes to be focused on patent translation.
1985Entered the field of deposition interpreting in cases (chiefly for patent infringement litigation) involving Japanese entities.
1983Shift in emphasis to Japanese patent translation.
1979New-Tech, Ltd., predecessor to Lise & Partners, Inc., established.
1978Operations started. Initial clients were manufacturers of electrical measuring instruments.