Industrial/Legal Translation & Interpreting

An important notice for individuals who needing services.

Our decades-long track record of providing translation and interpreting to diverse clients in the US, Japan, and elsewhere tells the story. We are a translation company, not a translation broker, and the difference is important.

For Translation Consumers

Some Sobering Facts about the Translation "Industry" (July 16, 2022; updated October 19, 2023)
Common sense among translators and true translation companies, but probably surprising to people outside the translation tent.

For Colleague Translators

Dinosaurs, Slide Rules, and Human Translators: Some Thoughts on Extinctions (November 20, 2023)
Not all extinctions are created equal.
Acquiring Street Smarts 101 for Japanese-to-English Translators (November 5, 2023)
Being a good translator is not enough.

The war in Europe (not understood to be that by enough European countries) waged by Russia against Ukraine matters.