Frequently Asked Questions(and some not asked frequently enough)

(Updated April 23, 2024)


Can you certify a translation for us?

Yes, we can provide this service.

We are a world-class provider of language solutions. Can you help us with the translation of the attached file?

No. We do not work with translation agencies, brokers, or other resellers of language services, regardless of whether they attempt to position themselves as localization companies, "providers of sustainable and globally empowering language solutions," or any other silly characterization devised to disguise their true nature as translation brokers. Our clients are world-class manufacturers and law firms and span four continents.

What type of AI translation engine do you use?

For some very good reasons, we do not use artificial intelligence in translating client documents, because it creates artificial translations.

Can you do post-editing of machine translation for us?

No. We are a translation provider. And our clients know that we are a true translation company and realize why we don't engage in repair work on the output from a machine translation system.

Can you provide a translation from Japanese into French?

No. We specialize in providing high-quality translations between Japanese and English, a task at which we excel.

What is your turnaround time for translation?

To answer that question in a meaningful way, we need to see the document(s) you need translated and provide you with a proper quotation.

How many translators do you have?

Many (most?) translation brokers, particularly those outside Japan, claim to have hundreds and some claim to have thousands of translators "registered" with them. Those bloated numbers tell of a willingness to deceive about something clients cannot verify.

We very likely have enough translation capacity to assist you. Please contact us so that we can assure you of that.

We have a translation here that was poorly done. Can you edit it to bring it to the point at which you could certify it?

We are a translation company and are not normally engaged in fixing or certifying translations done elsewhere. You should keep in mind that the task of editing and/or rewriting a poorly done translation requires a skilled translator who could have translated the document in question properly from the start. This means that the editing effort might cost as much as we would charge to translate the original document, might actually just be a total retranslation, and the total cost will likely be greater than if you had started from scratch with a proper translation. Starting with a good translation that does not require repair work by a different entity is the best approach.

What languages do you handle?

We specialize in translation of documents for industry, patents, and other IP documents (either direction, but mostly from Japanese to English). This enables us to provide you with the best quality and to excel over translation providers claiming to translate in dozens or even hundreds of languages.

General Questions

What is the best way to contact you?

Because of the time difference between Japan and the US, the best method to contact us from outside Japan is usually by email, although a phone call, the time zones allowing, is perfectly fine. I or a colleague will receive your email and respond in a timely manner.

We need to reach you by telephone. What is the best time to reach you?

During our normal business hours here in Japan. If you are calling from outside Japan, please note the time difference. For example, the current time and date in Japan is:

For this reason, calls from outside Japan might be received outside of our normal business hours. We will, however, undertake to get back to you as quickly as possible if you leave us a message (or send us email at such times.

Can you accept payment by check?

No, because checks written on foreign banks are no longer accepted by Japanese banks.

Can I pay by credit card?

Since our business model is B2B transactions, we do not accept credit card payments. The payment method is the standard bank transfer to our corporate account here in Japan.

Can you provide a quotation in US dollars?

Because all our invoicing is in Japanese Yen, a US dollar quote would only risk having the payment fall short of (or exceed) the billed yen amount due to currency fluctuations. For that reason, we quote and invoice in JPY.