Russia's War of Aggression in UkraineOur Commitment and, yes, it does matter.

(Published March 2, 2022; last edited July 3, 2022)

As of this writing, Russia has continued its war of aggression in Ukraine for well over four months, resulting in horrific loss of life, including executions of innocent civilians and destruction of cities in a country that did nothing to deserve being attacked.

Domestically and internationally, Russia is weaving a web of lies and deception that a child could see through. Putin has even likened himself to Peter the Great, the 18th century tsar who seized land in Sweden, claiming that—like PtG—he is just taking back territory. It is increasingly clear what is going on and what will continue to go on if democratic states don't get with the program in a more active way to defeat Russia. That said, the democratic states of the West now look like they are searching for an off-ramp and some have even said that Putin should be offered a means of ending things while avoiding disgrace. Our view is that disgrace is precisely what Putin deserves.

Be that as it may, as a tiny company we are powerless to directly affect Russia's aggression, but there are some limited actions we can take and things we should make clear.

Avoid dealing with entities connected to Russia.

We are home free on this one, never having had a reason to deal with Russian entities in providing language services.

Avoid dealing with entities in places that support or refuse to condemn Russia.

We are safe here as well. For reasons described elsewhere, we would never deal with entities in China, another dictatorship that has supported Russia by, among other actions, refusing to condemn it, and that has probably been providing aid to Russia behind the scenes.

Take Names

We take note of and remember the people and states engaging in apologetic rhetoric that seeks to show empathy for Putin or Russia. Blaming NATO or the West in general is simply wrong. Putin and Russia deserve no empathy.