Russia's War of Aggression in UkraineOur Commitment and, yes, it does matter.

(Published March 2, 2022; last updated July 31, 2022)

What happened in 1991 was that the Soviet Union was forced to change its name.

Not much change happened to the behavior of the country formerly called the Soviet Union.

Russia is a dictatorship ruled to this day by members of the old Soviet regime who are attempting to revive the old order. In doing that, they have brought a brutal conventional war to Ukraine. Western democracies are peeing in their pants at the prospect of a conflict with a nuclear power and are also suffering from a fossil-fuel induced stupor that has prevented them from effective action against what is clearly an enemy state.

The Time Might Come

The time might come when the Western democracies wake up and realize:

  • that Russia is an enemy state and
  • that it is time to bring a conventional war to Russia.

If the above is not possible, the free world will very likely face a crisis with China when it attacks Taiwan that will make the fallout from the Russian aggression seem mild. Russia does not, for example, make huge amounts of electronic infrastructure necessary for the Western nations to continue their everday lives, nor does it control manufacturing capability that enables the continued massing of wealth on the part of Western industrialists.

The West should wake up to the problem before China attacks Taiwan.

As a tiny company we are powerless to affect Russia's war of aggression, but there are some limited actions we can take and things we should make clear.

Avoid dealing with entities connected to Russia.

No problem with this one, never having had a reason to deal with Russian entities in providing language services.

Avoid dealing with entities in places that support or refuse to condemn Russia.

We are safe here as well. For good reasons described elsewhere, we would never deal with entities in China, another dictatorship that supports Russia by, among other actions, refusing to condemn it, and that has probably been providing aid to Russia behind the scenes.

Take Names

We take note of and remember countries and persons that have actively indicated support or are actually supporting Russia (China buys more Russian wheat these days, and nationlistic Hungary is quickly becoming a Russian-bloc state). Putin and Russia deserve no empathy, no support, and certainly no mercy.