Kirameki Translations, Inc.Experience, Expertise & Commitment to Quality

We have over three decades of track record providing translation and interpreting to a diverse spectrum of clients in Japan, the US, and other countries. Unlike the translation sellers in the US that do the vast portion of Japanese-to-English translation ordered there, we are a translation company, not a broker. That difference is important, for a number of reasons.

If you need quality translations, you cannot afford to and should not ask organizations that use unknown and unknowable translators in venues undisclosed to you to sell you translations. Supply chain integrity and accountability is as important to the purchaser of language services as it is to a manufacturer of hardware or any product sourced from outside your immediately verifiable area.

If you need high-quality Japanese language services (and if you have read this far, you probably do), we can provide both translation for intellectual property and industrial matters and interpreting for litigation.