Tech Notes about This Website

Here are just a few comments about some technical aspects of this decidedly low-tech site.

Mobile Friendliness

In late 2021, we finally got around to rebuilding this website to make it responsive and more mobile-friendly than before. There might still be some glitches, but we think things have been ironed out.

Low-Tech Used

With the exception of some graphics, this entire website has been created and is managed with nothing more sophisticated than a text editor.

Simple, Non-Proprietary, Generic, and Standard

We have an aversion to technology lock-in, which leads us to use generic, non-proprietary formats and platforms. This philosophy might also someday lead us to abandon our blog in favor of a format that is more under our control.

Believing that simple is best, we have refrained from using Javascript in creating this site. And we opted away from having the nearly ubiquitous "hamburger menu," chosing instead to use other methods to provide navigation usable with all screen widths.

Colors Used

The colors currently used for backgrounds on this site are "darkslategray" (dark gray-green) and #d7e7d9 (lighter green). These colors approximate the livery colors used by the Keihan Railway for some of its carriages (perhaps only in the past). The webmaster rules with an "iron whim," so the color scheme might change without notice, either in the main website or to indicate a different sub-section. Content will not be affected and will continue to grow.