Content for Japanese-to-English Translators

Effective as of this writing (February 29, 2024), all content directed at colleague professionals regarding the critical issues of surviving the onslaught of AI and the translation broker MTPE business model has been removed.

The underlying triggers in making this decision were:

  • the prevalence of translators trapped by the translation agency model and unable or unwilling to take action to improve their chances of survival, and
  • a continuing avoidance of the issue by translation organizations.

I have some hope that the second phenomenon listed might be rectified sometime, but strongly feel that it's everyone for themselves, and most of the everyones are going under, trapped by the turn of events and unable or unwilling to change.

I would welcome opportunities to discuss the issues face-to-face and one-on-one (or even one-on-several or -many), but will spend no more time beating a horse that has been essentially killed by the resignation of most translators to the fate that awaits them very shortly.

SurvivalIt's a jungle out there. Will you make it through?

With almost all freelance translators dependent on agencies for work and agencies quickly shifting to machine translation business model, in which they don't order translation, but rather just low-paid post-editing from translators, survival demands more than just being able to translate well. Translators will need to up their game to survive for a while longer.

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