Resumption of Depositions in Japan?

The US Embassy in Tokyo and Consulate in Osaka have been unavailable for depositions for over two years.

Sometime back, the US Embassy hinted that very limited video depositions from the Embassy deposition room might be possible, but only with special Japanese government approval. It appears that this led some people to be unjustifiably optimistic about the resumption of depositions in Japan.

We have had a small number of approaches recently for deposition interpreting in Japan, but we have not seen any evidence that depositions are actually being scheduled for and taken in the deposition room of the US Embassy in Tokyo or US Consulate in Osaka, either by video with the usual participants present, or with the deponent alone.

Even as tourists are returning to Japan, US depositions still have not resumed here, and there is no sign as to when the new deposition normal will start.

A check of the website of the US Embassy in Tokyo reveals that it is still saying:

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and related travel restrictions, in-person depositions have been suspended until further notice. Video depositions of witnesses located in Japan may be available on an extremely limited basis and subject to prior approval of the Japanese authorities. Japanese government approval is not guaranteed.

(From the US Embassy website)