Just an Interpreter

Several years ago, when interpreting in a deposition in Osaka, the lead interpreter was having problems entering the US Consulate. It seemed that his name was not put on the list of people to participate in the deposition. While cooling my heels in the waiting area, the deposition-taking attorney brought the problem up to a Consulate person at one of the service windows. The exchange was an interesting look of the view of interpreters held by some people.

Attorney: “We have someone who has been told they cannot enter the Consulate and has been waiting for more than 20 minutes to get in.”

Consulate: “Which side is he representing?”

Attorney: “It’s not an attorney, just an interpreter.”

Right. Well, there you have it. Naturally, the attorney in question could not conduct his deposition without the interpreter, who was just an interpreter waiting to enter the Consulate.

Author: Kirameki Translations, Inc.

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