Translation Agency Erklaren Leaked Classified Nuclear Document: Why Care is Required to Protect Your Sensitive Documents

A security breach at a Tokyo translation company was recently reported in the Japan Times.  Japan’s Nuclear Regulatory Authority reports that Erklaren, a translation agency in Tokyo, sent a classified document to be translated for the NRA to an outside translator without password protection.  The document contained information regarding spent nuclear fuel reprocessing, regulations on reprocessing, and details about nuclear power plants.

Translation consumers should be aware that there are translation agencies that surprisingly often send sensitive documents to outside translators and other translation agencies without an NDA in place with the outside entity and without password protecting the file.  This is a clear reason why you need to know whether you can trust the people selling you translation, as well as know who is selling you translations and know who is actually doing your translations.

About Kirameki Translations, Inc.

Kirameki Translations, Inc. is a patent translation boutique that has, along with its predecessors, been providing translations since 1978. Our clients are major Japanese manufacturers, law firms, and patent firms, and US law firms. Unlike translation brokers, we were founded and are run by translators.
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