Important Notice on Our Stance Regarding Russia's Ongoing Soviet-irredentist War of Aggression Against UkraineBoth governments and businesses need to act responsibly.

(Updated August 24, 2023)

Today marks the one and one-half years of the war in Europe

The "war in Europe" is the way more people should understand the Soviet-irridentist war of expansion pursued by Putin to make Russia great again. Some opinions posit that Putin is looking to prolong the war until the results of the US election in 2024, hoping for a Trump or other Republican ally in the White House. That could very well be the case. Trump is a Putin fan.

The suffering of Ukraine and its people at the hands of Russia under its Soviet-irredentist ruler continues at the one-year mark in the current phase of Russia's war of aggression, which started with the annexing of Crimea in 2014. Complacency, carefully measured out aid to Ukraine, and continued business dealings with Russia on the part of democratic states, including those at risk from Russia, are prolonging Ukraine's suffering.

In 1991 the Soviet Union was forced to change its name.It was soon to lose its empire, but nothing much else changed.

As a tiny company we are powerless to affect Russia's aggression directly, but there are some limited actions we can take and things that we should make clear.

Avoid dealing with entities connected to Russia.

We have no problem with this one, never having had a reason to deal with Russian entities in providing language services.

Avoid dealing with entities in places that actively support or refuse to condemn Russia.

We are safe here as well. For good reasons described elsewhere, we would never deal with entities in China, another dictatorship that supports Russia by, among other actions, refusing to condemn it, and that has probably been providing aid to Russia behind the scenes. We can say the same for other rogue states supporting the Russian expansionist war.

Take NamesHistory will record what countries continued to support the Soviet-irredentist war waged by Putin.

We take note of and remember countries and persons that have actively indicated support or are actually supporting Russia. For example:

  • China, which buys more Russian wheat these days and blocks action against Russia in the UN. Recent reports are that they might now be ready to supply arms to Russia
  • Belarus, which is clearly a Russian-bloc state, apparently has Russian military on its land, and has recently threatened to enter the war if attacked (the definition of being attacked not being given)
  • India, which has drastically upped its purchases of Russian fuel.
  • North Korea and Iran, both of which have supplied Russia with weapons

Putin and Russia, along with their allies, deserve no empathy, no support, and certainly no mercy.