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Japanese Technical/Industrial Translation

In a field filled with many translation providers claiming to be able to handle any language and any subject matter field, we are rather unusual, in that we consciously limit our scope to the Japanese-English language pair and to fields in which we can guarantee high quality. One sign of that is that we do not attempt to set ourselves up as translators of biomedical, pharmaceutical, or chemical subject matter.

Coming from an engineering background, and with ample real-world industry and research experience, the founder of Kirameki Translations feels strongly that a "jack of all translations" translation broker is not necessarily the best choice for clients looking for high-quality translations of complex subject matter. Since starting to provide high-quality technical translations in 1978, we have adhered to the concept of providing quality translations done by translators who understand the technology they are translating, something that is clearly not a given in the translation industry, which is highly populated by translators with an interest in foreign languages but not necessarily the background to understand technology.

Documents We Handle

While we can handle virtually any type of document in fields that are within our range of competence and experience, just a few of the types of documents we handle are as follows.

  • Technical papers (see Fields We Handle)
  • Articles (see Fields We Handle)
  • Specifications (particularly for complex industrial equipment)
  • Catalogs (particularly for complex industrial equipment)
  • Instruction manuals (particularly for complex industrial equipment)
  • Maintenance manuals (particularly for complex industrial equipment)
  • Internal engineering & production documents
  • Test reports
  • Software-related documentation
  • Technology transfer documentation
  • Patent licensing agreements
  • Patents

Technical Fields We Handle

We have a translation track record in a wide range of fields, just some of which are indicated below. In addition, we also have direct industry and research experience in the fields marked .

  • Electronics
    • Printed circuit board test systems
    • Semiconductor devices
    • Semiconductor lasers
    • Acoustic actuator drive circuits
    • Automated semiconductor device design methods
    • Ceramic chip components
    • Diving computers (for a wristwatch)
    • Flash memory devices
    • Halogen lamps
    • Ion implantation
    • LSI device failure analysis
    • Magnetic head assembly
    • Magnetic recording methods
    • Magnetic storage media
    • Memory control devices
    • Monitor TV cameras
    • Power semiconductors
    • Radio-controlled watches
    • Semiconductor manufacturing methods
      • Photomasks
      • Steppers
      • Test systems
    • Semiconductor packaging
    • Thin-film transistors
    • Video game hardware
  • Power Generation and Storage
    • Battery charging control
    • Lithium ion batteries
  • Display technology
    • LCD manufacturing
    • Plasma displays
    • AC-type plasma display panel drive methods
  • Bio/Medical/Chemical
    • Sphygmomanometers
    • Biomass fuel
    • Dialysis systems
    • Percutaneous drug delivery
    • Stents
  • Materials
    • Concrete composition
    • Epoxy resin
    • Metal surface treatment
  • Automotive
    • Engine controllers
    • Fuel cells
    • Navigation systems
    • Passenger restraint devices
    • Steering apparatus
    • Structural elements
    • Tire pressure detection
    • Transmissions
  • Measurement & Testing
    • Data logging systems
    • Electrical measurement
    • Fast Fourier transform analyzers
    • Logic circuit inspection
    • Oscilloscopes
    • Chemical analysis equipment
    • LCD defect inspection
    • Thin film measurement
    • Wafer probing
  • Optics
    • Laser measurements
    • Optical fiber
    • Optical recording
  • Control
    • Measurement system control
    • Heat control
  • Information/Communications
    • String-processing software language
    • Frequency-domain analysis software
    • Advertising distribution system
    • CDMA receivers
    • Computer interconnection system
    • Fingerprint recognition
    • Information distribution system
    • Mobile telephone
    • Predictive video encoding system
    • Search algorithm
    • Fishing vessel autopilot control algorithm
    • Speech recognition
    • Wireless LAN
    • Website browsing methods
    • Video-on-demand systems
    • Video data transmission
  • Other
    • Alloy wire manufacturing methods
    • Banknote counting devices
    • Filters for industrial use
    • Fluid power system components
    • Golf equipment
    • Heat radiating devices
    • Plating apparatus and methods
    • Welding apparatuses

Certified Translations

If you need to use documents we translate in court proceedings (e.g., discovery documents in litigation), we can provide certified translations. With regard to translations we have executed, we can provide a written certification of a translation, signed by the responsible translator, something that some other translation providers avoid by having someone else—often not a translator—sign such a letter.

As an additional service, given the original Japanese, we can bring translations done by other translation providers up to a level at which we could certify them. Please be aware however that, depending upon the quality of the original translation, the cost involved could be close to or the same as the cost of having a proper translation done from the start.

Things That We Both Do and Do Not Do Set Us Apart

Naturally, as Japanese translation boutique, we are committed to providing you with the highest possible quality, and there are numerous things we do to ensure that deliver the required quality. But there are a number of things that we promise we will not be doing when you issue an order for translation. These things distinguish us from the mass-production translation brokers that seem committed to volume over quality.

  • We will not accept an assignment unless we have the in-house capability of assuring the quality of our translations before we deliver them.
  • We will not (and need not) scramble to the Internet in search of translators when we receive an assignment.
  • We will not accept a job without knowing who will be doing the translation beforehand.

The above might be thought by some people to be a given for a company purporting to be in the translation business. In fact, however, it is extremely rare to find a translation company that can deliver on the above-noted policies.