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All websites linked to are English, unless marked by language indicators (e.g., JA/EN).

European Patent Office
Google Patents [JA/EN]
Searching and downloading of US patents in PDF format, including drawings.
Industrial Property Digital Library [JA/EN]
Administered essentially by the JPO.
Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation [JA/EN]
Publisher of many books about patents.
Japan Patent Attorneys Association (JPAA) [JA/EN, but very little]
All Japanese patent attorneys are members.
Japanese Patent Office [JA/EN]
As expected, this site is very far behind the curve in providing on-line patent information.
Specially privileged group, heavily laden with amakudari from the JPO, and which has a monopoly on specific services that it sells at extremely high prices, for example, high-priced copy services inside the JPO office. Japan's bureaucracy at its worst.
Patent Attorneys Cooperation Association of Japan [JA/EN]
A cooperative association providing some pages for benrishi to list their contact information.
Free service providing pdf versions of US patents and patent applications that include drawings.
Public Access to Court Electronic Records
Enables access to records in patent litigation in the US. Requires an account; payment by credit card.
United States Patent and Trademark Office
Searchable, full-text database of patents starting at 1976.
US International Trade Commission
Information on investigations.
World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)
Lots of documents available on-line.