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Direct your inquiries to:

or call

03-3713-6447 (from within Japan)
or 81-3-3713-6447 (from outside of Japan)


Before you contact us, please read our newly clarified policy regarding the types of entities we will and will not deal with. It could save you some time and trouble. Note also that Japanese banks are no longer accepting foreign checks for cashing in Japan.

Important: To enable us to provide you the most complete response possible, please provide the following information. Items marked * are required.

For Translation Inquiries
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For Interpreting Inquiries
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Almost all inquiries received during our normal business hours in Japan will be responded to within several hours, but because we are in Japan (which is UTC + 9 hours), you should keep the time difference in mind when considering when you might receive a response. The current time and date in Japan is: