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W. A. Lise

Our founder comes from a background in engineering and has broad and intensive experience in providing patent translations for a wide spectrum of clients. Born in the US, Lise first came to Japan in 1967 as a language specialist for the US Navy. After returning to the US and obtaining a degree in electrical engineering, he joined what was then Western Electric, and worked in millimeter microwave and fiber optics laboratories. He subsequently joined a major manufacturer of electronic test and measuring instruments, founded its Japan branch, and served as its first branch manager, starting in 1976. Shortly thereafter, he transitioned to translation as a full-time activity, establishing the forerunner of Kirameki Translations, Inc., and has since been deeply involved in Japanese patent and other technical translation.

Professional Affiliations & Certifications

Founding member and past multiple-term president of Japanese Association of Translators.

Lise was accredited as a Japanese-to-English translator when he was a member of the American Translators Association.


More than 30 years of experience translating Japanese patents, via Kirameki Translationsand its predecessor, for a wide variety of clients, this work including:

  • Extensive translation of patent specifications for Japanese manufacturers, US law firms, and Japanese patent firms for filing overseas. This has included translation for direct US filing and translation for PCT route filing, certified patent translation for use in patent litigation, trial judgments, and Japanese-language discovery documents.

  • Rendering of opinion and testifying as an expert witness with regard to translation matters in civil litigation.

Litigation and Other Legal-Matter Interpreting

  • More than 29 years of deposition interpreting experience for patent litigation in the US.

    • Interpreting for Japanese parties related to DOJ investigations.

    • Rendering of opinion and testifying as an expert witness with regard to translation matters in civil litigation.

    • Lise is one of the very few native-English-speaking interpreters working in Japan having both an engineering background and extensive deposition interpreting experience.

    • Licensing negotiation interpreting assignment consisting of monthly visits to numerous Japanese firms with a licensing/patent team from the US.

    • Interpreting at strategy meetings between manufacturers and their US counsel.

    • Interpreting at meetings between a foreign inventor and a Japanese patent/law firms, including presentations of the invention before a board of Japanese patent examiners.

    • Interpreting at patent licensing meetings between engineers of US and Japanese firms.

    Exemplary Publications and Presentations

    "Patent Translation: What's it All About." Presented at the 19th International Japanese/English Translation Conference in Okinawa, April 12-13, 2008.

    Chapter 5 of Morita, Y. ed. Japanese Patent Translation Handbook. Alexandria: American Translators Association, 1997. Currently out-of-print, but Kirameki Translations might make an enhanced version of the content sometime in the future.
    Chapter 5 Table of Contents

    "Japanese/English Deposition Interpreting" presented at the 19th International Japanese-English Translation Conference (IJET-19). Chicago: Japan Association of Translators, 2005.

    "Japanese-English Patent Translation for Filing in the US" (Workshop presented at the Ninth International Japanese/English Translation Conference (IJET-9), held in Yokohama in 1998).

    "The For-Filing J-E Patent Translation Market in Japan" December 1999 Japan Association of Translators JAT Bulletin.

    [PASSWORD-PROTECTED; CONTACT US FOR ACCESS] Japanese Deposition Interpreting. November 23, 2013 Presentation at Interpret JAPAN 2013, held in Tokyo by Japan Association of Translators

    [PASSWORD-PROTECTED; CONTACT US FOR ACCESS] "An Investigation of Terminology and Syntax in Japanese and US Patents and the Implications for the Patent Translator" Proceedings of the Fifth International Japanese-English Translation Conference (IJET-5). Tokyo: Japan Association of Translators, 1994.

    "An Introduction to Japanese-English Deposition Interpreting" 6th International Japanese-English Translation Conference. Vancouver, May 26, 1995.

    "Symbols, Abbreviations and Layout Problems Facing the J-E Translator" Eighth International Conference on Japanese/English Translation and Interpreting (IJET-8) held in Sheffield, UK. The IJET 97 Committee, 1997.

    "Industrial Manual J-E Translation Workshop" Proceedings of the 3rd International Japanese-English Translation Conference. Tokyo: Japan Association of Translators, 1992.

    Translation Career Presentations (four times: 2004 to 2007) at the behest of the Council of Local Authorities for International Relations (CLAIR) for participants in their JET Programme considering a career in translation.

    Numerous other translation articles since 1985 in the JAT Bulletin, the former official organ of the Japan Association of Translators.