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Articles and Other Resources

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presented on this website in the hope that they might of interest and use to our clients.


The Deposition Interpreting Goldfish Bowl in Japan   Asking for an interpreter in a particular city might not be the best way to get the best deposition interpreter in Japan.

The Numbers Games Played by Translation Brokers  Simple arithmetic demonstrates that the claims of some translation brokers are highly suspicious.

Presentations & Other Writings

Japanese Deposition Interpreting
Presentation at InterpretJAPAN 2013, held in Tokyo by Japan Association of Translators.
Commercial Arbitration in India
A few surprises were in store for an interpreter accustomed to the US deposition interpreting environment.
An Investigation of Terminology and Syntax in Japanese and US Patents and the Implications for the Patent Translator
This study is scheduled for a more comprehensive update in the near future.

Other Resources

Japan Patent Act as Amended in 2006
Unofficial Ministry of Justice translation into English (HTML).
Japan Patent Act as Amended in 2006
Unofficial Ministry of Justice translation, with Japanese and corresponding English interspersed (PDF).